Venice Collaborative engages a multitude of constituencies in a process that facilitates growth which addresses both the regional concerns such as increasing housing stock and environmental issues while sensitively responding to local flavor. At the outset of this collaborative process between the developer; the city; the architect; the artist; and local residents, the outcome is unknown. Through a commitment to contributing architecturally and artistically expressive projects to the built environment, the varied constituencies aid organic growth. Reflecting this philosophy, Venice Collaborative’s approach is based on three principles:

Urban Infill

This methodological principle creates small- to medium-scale infill projects that organically weave density into the urban fabric of the local community contributing to the natural growth of the city. By definition, infill development addresses various environmental concerns such as traffic mitigation through the mixed-use typology. Venice Collaborative’s integration of passive and active sustainability features continue to evolve with new materials and design processes. Over a period of 30 years, Venice Collaborative has created a multitude of spaces on a variety of Venice sites. This slow integration allows for growth responsive to local community needs.


Densification through small- to medium-size urban infill projects presents an expansive array of opportunities. Increased ownership at smaller increments encourages more residents to own property, thus contributing to a stabilized community. Introducing a mix of typologies including mixed-use, condominiums, affordable housing, live/work spaces, single-family residences, lot splits and artist lofts provides diverse opportunities for local residents. The merging of commercial and residential uses encourages a variety of creative lifestyles, cuts local traffic, and increases opportunities for community interaction, contributing to the vitality of the neighborhood.

Aesthetic Response

The involvement of significant architects and fine artists in Venice Collaborative’s projects enhances the aesthetic response and induces the community to act upon the opportunities and possibilities presented. In the design phase of the project, an artist reacts to the structure, creating artwork which is then integrated into the building. This unique feature adds a layer to the building—and to the public discourse surrounding each project.

As the founder of Venice Collaborative, Frank Murphy initiates these unique collaborations. Venice Collaborative’s artful densification–incorporating fine art into small- and medium-size infill projects that sensitively increase the density of the area–addresses both the burgeoning need for housing in Los Angeles as well as the vibrancy of the local community of Venice.